cemeteryThe City of Clinton Cemetery lies on the North West side of Clinton and is bound by Cromwell Drive on the north, Walnut Street on the west, Woodlawn Street on the south and Business State Route 51 on the east. The City of Clinton Cemeteries are about 55 acres with approximately 45 acres developed. There are four different cemeteries (Woodlawn Park, Memorial Park, Mausoleum Park & Oak Park) located within the cemetery.

The original cemetery was Woodlawn Park and as Woodlawn Park plots began to sell out, the City continued to open more area thereby continuing cemetery operations. The records of all burial transactions within the City of Clinton Cemetery are kept on site at the cemetery office as well as a duplicate set at City Hall. The earliest records go back to 1899, but there were several burials which took place before the records indicate. The original site was a family plot of the Gideon family prior to becoming a City owned cemetery.

It is one of DeWitt’s oldest burial grounds. There is nothing more vitally connected with the county than the cemeteries. At the present time there are roughly forty-eight known cemetery sites in the thirteen DeWitt County townships. There may be a few more that have been removed years ago and are now forgotten.


Anyone wishing to make their own arrangements at Woodlawn Cemetery can contact the Cemetery Sexton, Tim Followell at 217-935-6552.

Cemetery Policies

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