Perhaps one of the most important measures of a successful community is its ability to provide quality drinking water at an affordable price. That’s the job of our Water Division. With the construction of a new water treatment plant, put on line in December 2003, the job is accomplished very effectively. The plant utilizes a Claricone filter system with the added component of lime softening that produces a very high quality final product that residents enjoy. It is designed to produce 1.75 million gallons per day and is currently producing on average 900,000 gallons per day, leaving ample room for system expansion.

To go along with the treatment plant a new 500,000 gallon water tower was completed and put into service in December 2006. This tower works in concert with the existing 200,000 gallon tank providing excellent pressure throughout the system. The city also has a 1,000,000 gallon finished water storage tank located at the plant facility to provide outstanding overall storage capacity.

This division consists of 5 full time employees that are responsible not only for the treatment of drinking water, but also for maintaining the distribution system which exists throughout the city. There are a lot of things involved in providing quality drinking water to the city, but the Water Division staff understands what it takes, have the experience necessary, and work very hard to do their job well.

School and special group tours of the treatment plant are available. Please contact Lloyd Francis, Assistant Public Works Director for details at (217) 935-6511 or (217) 935-3679.